Weatherproof PTZ dome Network Camera

40x Intelligent Zoom Stabilization iA PTZ Camera with Heavy salt damage resistance

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Extreme image quality allows evidence to be captured even under challenging conditions
– Long-distance vision with a 40x high power zoom lens and Intelligent Zoom Stabilization for pole mounts on roadways
– Sharp and clear images of fast moving vehicles with Intelligent Auto and ClearSight Coating
– Outstanding low light performance in true color with low noise for night time applications
– Super Dynamic 144dB for backlit situations involving headlights and shadows on night streets
– Environmental durability: IP66, IK10, long life Pan/Tilt gear mechanism, wide range of operating temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F) and electric dehumidifier

Extreme H.265 compression with new Smart Coding
– Longer recording and less storage compared to H.264 based compression techniques
– New self-learning ROI*1 encoding (Auto VIQS) detects movement within the image and compresses the areas with little motion in
order to reduce transmitted data while maintaining the quality of the image.
*1 Region of Interest

Built-in Vehicle Incident Detection*2
– Incident detection: Wrong-way detection and stopped vehicles through video analytic technology
– Sends alarm to Video Management System and/or Traffic Management System
for immediate action
– This function is built into the camera, so no additional server is required
*2 Optional software

This Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) / 60 fps PTZ Network Camera is based on the concept of “i-PRO EXTREME”.

• Full-HD 1920×1080 60fps

• Intelligent Zoom Stabilization with 40x optical zoom

• ClearSight Coating

• Durable Pan/Tilt gear mechanism

• iA (intelligent Auto)

• Extreme Super Dynamic 144dB

• Color night vision (0.001 to 0.015 lx)

• Salt-air corrosion resistant

• IP66, IK10 certified

• Wider operating temperature range -50 °C to +60 °C (-58 °F to +140 °F)


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